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Well my friends. Its the end of an era. On April 24th Advanced Deployment closed it's doors for good. 

It's been hard to compose my thoughts and hard to write this down. It's been an amazing run, with some good times, and hard ones.

Advanced Deployment was one of the first businesses offering laser engraved tokens, and we lasted longer than we ever would have thought we could. We've been to cons, and supported a lot of tourneys and games over the years. 
We've met so many amazing people, and thank you all for your support though thick and thin.

Sadly, with the economy being what it is, continuing rises in postage rates, and with the advent of Maker Spaces and better hobby-grade laser engravers our ability to have a niche has gotten smaller and smaller. We can no longer compete in a way that keeps kibble in the kittys food bowl, as it were. This was inevitable, and we're just happy that we made it as long as we did.

Advanced Deployment may be gone, but we will still be working behind the scenes doing bulk orders for crate companies like our amazing friends at Dungeon Crate! So keep your eyes peeled and you'll still see us here and there.

In addition we will still be available for any larger orders like con support, crates, and anything else like that! Please message us at and we will talk! 

Again, thank you all! It's been a wild ride, and we're sad to see it end. But we look away from this sunset, and look towards the next sunrise and the new adventures that await us!

Cheers and Beers, 
Ravyn and Dustin